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Writer's Block: Celebrity Overload

Which celebrity are you sick of seeing? Who would you like to see more of?

Robert Pattinson...I think thats how you spell his name D: and pardon me if I get
the other names wrong as well
This Twilight thing has gone way out of hand. But then again, theres also
Miley and Bieber that im not too fond of as well..personally I find them overratted but
thats just my opinion


I saw your answers and found that I had missed them in my answer... Twilight needs to go away... I completely agree with you Bieber (he looks like he is 12 yrs old...)
You know I actually used to like Twilight?
haha 8D Im so ashamed of that fact
I know! I couldnt believe when I found out his acutal age xD I could've sworn he was 12 too
but I guess im not one to talk, people always think im younger than I actually am xD
I tried to read twilight and I just couldnt get into it (too sappy for me...). I got introed to vampires with Buffy.
Looking younger is good since most people think I look older than I really am (people thought I was 18 at the end of middle school... >.<)
Yeah its really not the best thing in the world (not in the least) but people sure act like it is
Edward is a fairy when you compare him to other vampires xD like Alucard from Hellsing!
ah, it goes both ways doesnt it Dx
I guess its ok but sometimes I wish I looked like my age :3
He is a fairy no matter to whom you compare him to...
Haha XD I guess so
but really when it comes to Vampires Alucard takes the cake!
You ever seen Hellsing Ultimate?
I should show you a clip
hes amazing and damn violent, the original Dracula C:
I have seen some of the regular Hellsing but I dont think I have ever heard of Hellsing Ultimate...
Hellsing Ultimate are OVA's that follow the manga's story
so its preferred :3 plus the animation in this one is pretty stunning
Yeah the art does (usually) get better once the original series' episodes have aired and can get better animators :)

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